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Thanks for stopping by to learn more about AM Relocation. We are happy you are taking the time to understand what sets us apart from other relocation companies.

Our promise

Your relocation to Zurich and its surrounding areas is our commitment, and we promise to make it a breeze. We are dedicated to moving mountains for you.

How do we deliver on our promise?

We are a fast, reliable and independent Swiss boutique relocation company, with great local knowledge, a flexible service package and a client first attitude throughout your relocation journey to Switzerland.

See what our customers have to say below.

Ana Marbot has made my registration procedure, burocracy and house hounting extremely easy. She was knowledgeable, friendly, skilled and very responsive. Extremely recommended from my point of view!

M. moved from the Czech Republic to Stäfa, Zurich

We want to thank for all of your efforts helping us with everything during this year, even supporting us during your vacation. With your help we found a super flat in a really short time. It feels so good going home for the holidays knowing that the housing question is settled. So big THANKS once again, you are awesome!!

Couple D. and B. relocated from Hungary to Feldmeilen, Zurich

Thanks Ana, your help was important and simplified many things for me! My employer asked for a detailed feedback on my experience with the relocation service last week, and of course I couldn't not mention specifically how helpful and kind you have been with me.

L. moved from Italy to Zurich

Thank you sooo much Ana – thank you so much for all your efforts:-) This is absolutely amazing. You really do magic! You are the best:-)

Family S. crossed over from the UK to Zurich

She is very hard-working and supportive. When you have any problems or questions, she is always there for you, no matter when. I am very happy to have her support.

S. moved from Iran to Bern (Swiss capital)

Thank you very much for helping me clarify things… I am really happy with your support and I know what to do now!

L. relocated from the Netherlands to Zurich

Actually it is your success, I cannot imagine doing all these things on my own so really THANK YOU!

A. moved from Poland to Zurich