Settling in

If you are feeling a bit lost about how things work when you move to Switzerland, do not worry! We are here to make your life and with that your entire settle in process easier.

We will point you into the right direction, know all the deadlines and can put you in touch with the necessary registration/migration authorities and service providers (such as banks re your salary account, insurances re e.g. the mandatory health insurance or the non-mandatory but most often required third party liability insurance, road traffic office re your driver's license, tax experts, telecom providers re your TV/internet/phone subscription model etc).

Furthermore, we educate you on things typical to Switzerland such as recycling. Recycling in Switzerland can be a bit tricky to grasp (Swiss people are passionate about this topic to say the least), but we can break it down for you.

Or if you just want some advice on where to shop (e.g. furniture) or what to do, we as well can point you in the right direction.

In a nutshell, no matter what you are unsure about when settling into Switzerland, we are here to lend a hand and make it all less complicated for you.

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