Relocation services

Find the right relocation service for you and tap into our modular range of services that will make your relocation a breeze:

Pre-view trip

Does your company offer a “look-and-see trip” as part of your relocation package or have you received a lump-sum and decided to spend part of it on a pre-view trip?


Would you like to have a personalized introduction tour through Zurich (and/or surrounding areas of Zurich) while you are already here?

Home search

Are you looking for a flat in Zurich or its surrounding areas (incl. gold or silver coast)? Mind you, it is not just expats using this kind of service but more and more Swiss people as well.

Settling in

Do you need help re registering with the Swiss authorities or opening a Swiss bank account? Are you unsure which insurances to choose?

Education support

Are you relocating with family and do not know which school to choose? Would you like to understand more about the Swiss school system?

Departure services

Have you made the decision to leave Switzerland again but are unsure of what needs to be done before leaving the country?

Further services

Explore more of what we offer beyond our website.

Our main geographical areas are: City of Zurich, lake areas, "Zürcher Oberland"