Meet Ana, the driving force behind AM Relocation (Ana Marbot Relocation). Her love for travel and helping others navigate the challenges of moving began at a young age when her father, now living in Portugal, frequently brought her on his adventures, sparking her passion for exploration.

As she got older and more independent, Ana embarked on her own adventures. After completing her commercial apprenticeship and vocational baccalaureate, she spent a year in Australia, followed by another year in New York, where she contributed to Switzerland Tourism during an internship (as part of her tourism studies).

Returning to Switzerland, Ana spent over a decade in the corporate world, working in FMCG marketing and employer branding for companies like Kraft Foods and Royal Canin/Mars Inc. During this time, she discovered her talent for supporting expats informally. Ana also completed an Executive MBA in International Management. While she briefly explored consulting, her true calling was found when she discovered her passion for relocation services.

Ana's diverse background, combined with her international experience and work with multinational corporations, makes her the ideal partner for anyone embarking on a relocation adventure. Her love for travel, ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, and deep appreciation for diverse cultures make her a trusted and knowledgeable resource for anyone needing relocation support. And if there is something she cannot offer directly, she has a reliable network to rely on (including visa and immigration aid, relocating belongings to Switzerland or local furniture rental solutions).

During her tenure as an independent relocation consultant working on a mandate basis, Ana has consistently brought satisfaction to numerous clients hailing from a wide spectrum of sectors, including technology, banking, insurance, FMCG, aviation, music or hearing solutions. Her impressive track record, backed by fabulous references and positive feedback, is a testament to her dedication and expertise in this field.

In 2022 and after 12 years in Zurich, Ana decided to say goodbye to her beloved city. She now lives on the so-called "gold coast" with her husband and son.

Ana Marbot, founder and owner of AM Relocation