Moving to Zurich, Switzerland

AM Relocation is a Swiss boutique relocation company. Its mission is to provide first-class customer service and tailor-made relocation services to anyone moving to Zurich, its lake areas or "Zürcher Oberland".

We specialize in home search for both expats as well as Swiss nationals. In addition to this, we will help you with your local orientation, on-site settling in arrangements (e.g. registration with authorities, bank account opening, insurances, utility set up), school search or departure services when you leave again.

I am moving as an individual

We take pleasure in assisting both individuals relocating on their own and those moving with their families. Our approach is highly customizable, allowing you to select either a single service or combine multiple services according to your specific needs and budget. Our aim is to provide flexibility and support, ensuring a stress-free relocation experience that mirrors the excellence usually reserved for corporate clients.

How to move to Zurich as an individual

Housing in Zurich and its surrounding areas

Are you looking for accommodation in Zurich or its surrounding areas (incl. gold or silver coast)? Mind you, it is not just expats using this kind of service but more and more Swiss people as well.

Why? Due to the historically low vacancy rate of only 0.06%, it is almost impossible to find a decent flat yourself. Zurich's rental market is highly competitive and fast-paced. Besides, a lot of viewings and applications forms are in German. So despite these difficulties, we are proud to say that our success rate as well as our customers' satisfaction rate are both very high.

What can you expect from us? We screen the market for you, arrange viewings of properties you are interested in, accompany you to viewings, provide recommendations, submit applications (the procedure is always different), take care of the follow-ups with the agencies or landlords, support with lease agreements and eventually the actual handover of the flat. The home finding service is by far our most sought-after service and takes away most of our time.

Getting the paperwork stuff done

For most people, the administrative part and dealing with authorities is not the most favorite part of their relocation. However, it is necessary and needs to be done in time as there are deadlines and certain procedures as for when to register, when to get your mandatory health insurance, when to open up a bank account or what are the official documents needed in order to be able to submit an application etc. We will help you understand when to do what and where and put you in contact with banks or health insurance providers (there are over 80 health insurance companies in Switzerland). This is our second most sought-after service.

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